Clean Green Laundry Routine

Laundry Themed Gift Basket Idea || Great to give as a housewarming gift or for anyone that loves handmade items || www.reverycloud.com

Happy Earth Day! I had no idea Earth Day's founder was a U.S. Senator from Wisconsin. Here's a link to a little more history on this day!

A day or two of fresh rain meant it was quite chilly this morning, so we put off outside exploration and earth hugging until the sun had a chance to warm it up a bit. That meant a quick morning of getting a few things done around the house and got me thinking more about the ways I've been trying to reduce our family's household environmental footprint over the years. It's been a long journey with a lot of research, reading, and trial and error, so I understand it's not easy and not possible to do all at once. It's taken me years to get us to a place where I really feel it's making a difference not just environmentally, but with our health as well.

I recently made a laundry themed gift basket for my mom, including handmade reusable items, to reduce the use of skin irritants and chemicals in her laundry routine. If you've been considering learning more about how to make your houeshold more green and chemical free, I highly recommend the laundry room as an easy place to start. Because I made a fresh batch for the basket, I put together a tutorial for making wool dryer balls to replace dryer sheets and fabric softener, along with a laundry powder mix. Click the links below to learn more about reducing your chemical exposure, reducing laundry waste, and simplifying your laundry routine. If you have one in place already, spread that wonderful knowledge with others. I've also included a few laundry sample gift basket ideas that are fun to make as housewarming baskets or for anyone that loves healthy useable handmade gifts.

Click Here for the Felted Wool Dryer Ball Tutorial

Click Here for the Powdered Laundry Detergent Tutorial

I would love to hear about how you spent your day honoring this beautiful planet!

Blueberry Date Freezer Bars

Vegan & Gluten Free

Blueberry Date Freezer Bars (Vegan & Gluten Free) || via www.reverycloud.com

These delicious freezer bars are vegan & gluten free and packed with energy! No added sugar other than what's naturally in the fruit and coconut! Click the link to read more and print the recipe.

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Creamy Avocado Chickpea Bowl

A creamy avocado chickpea bowl with black olives, zucchini and arugula! || Toddler Approved || via www.reverycloud.com

Intended for toddlers, this dish is packed with flavors and ingredients that provide healthy fats, protein and nutrients for on-the-go growing kiddos. This creamy dish is vegan and gluten free!

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Tuscan Chicken Recipe

Tuscan Chicken || A one skillet protein packed flavorful dish (Toddler Approved) || www.reverycloud.com

When you have a craving for a flavorful herb-filled dish, you can't go wrong with the flavors of Tuscany!

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Vegetable Egg Strata Recipe

Vegetable Egg Strata Recipe (A great recipe for Toddlers & BLW) || www.reverycloud.com

A quick and easy recipe that allows you to use up leftover vegetables and proteins at the end of the week to make a nutritious meal the whole family will enjoy!

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Hello World!

Thanks so much for checking out my first blog post on Revery Cloud!

Well actually, I take that back. This is technically not my first ever blog post as Revery Cloud. I actually started blogging quite some time ago as a creative outlet using a typical blog host and template designed by someone else out there in world. If you've ever used a template for a website, you probably understand the frustrations from design restrictions or incompatibility issues. Along with that, life also quickly started to travel at full speed, babies came into my world, and my little blog was left by the wayside.

Recently my husband had been working on an app I often gave design advice on, when he encouraged me to read a bit about how to code and possibly use the development of my own website as a new creative project. The idea of being proud of the site itself and all that goes into it intrigued me. Writing my own code to support my own content seemed so much more gratifying than just uploading pictures to a form or plugin. He soon introduced me to Free Code Camp and started going through the tutorials alongside me to help answer questions. If you love to learn new things, I encourage you to try camp out yourself! I think it's a beneficial introductory set of tutorials to begin building a basic understanding of all that goes into making apps and pages look great and function properly.

A small tidbit from the Free Code Camp FAQ page:

What is Free Code Camp?

We’re an open source community that helps you learn to code.

How do you help me learn to code?

You can work through our self-paced coding challenges, build projects, and earn certifications. We also connect you with people in your city so you can code together.

Revery Cloud is quite simple at the moment, but has at least been pulled from the ashes anew. So far, so good I think! My next goals for the site are to get the category buttons visible and functioning when connected to tags on each post, but I need more content before I can really test it out properly. I'll also be working on a per-post cascading comment section. For now, each post has a comment link within the post footer that will send you to my contact page allowing you to send me an email.

I do also have to forewarn you that I generally work on the site at night when my kiddos go to bed. Because my days are mostly filled with imaginative play, messy projects, cooking and a lot of dishwashing, many of the posts will be about adorable toddlers and my daily routines and activites I just so happen to have a camera handy for!

I'm excited to use Revery Cloud as motivation to keep consistent creative projects going, share outcomes and ideas, and also watch it grow as I learn more about how to write the code that makes it tick.

I may even copy my Trello to-do list for Revery Cloud and make a page, so you can see what I'm working on if you're interested.

Thanks so much for reading, and let me know what you think or what you'd like to see posted!